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Rush Limbaugh’s Revenge

HEY, READ THIS! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed today’s episode! Today’s stories include: Limbaugh Won’t Forgive Advertisers: Rush Limbaugh: “They thought I was finished”: Fluke and HBO’s PR firm tied directly to Obama: Game Change ratings falls short of Sarah Palin’s Alaska: MSNBC screws up US geography: Obama Promises Obamacare will cost $900 billion: CBO says the real cost is $1.76 trillion: Obamacare headed to the Supreme Court: Scientists attempt to bring Wooly Mammoth back to life: Thanks so much for watching! Please comment, rate, and share with your friends! And if you haven’t already, please subscribe for weekly videos! –State of Daniel

Health Insurance Exchanges

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh explains how ObamaCare’s new health insurance exchanges will function, how they will benefit those not receiving healthcare through an employer, and how they will increase competition among insurers and drive down the overall cost of healthcare in the United States.

Cheesecake Factory CEO Warns ObamaCare Will Be ‘Very Costly’

On Monday’s CBS This Morning, Cheesecake Factory CEO David Overton spotlighted the looming economic impact of Obamacare’s implementation, especially on small enterprises: “For those businesses that don’t cover their employees, they’ll be in for a very expensive situation.” Overton also warned that the cost of the law would be passed on to customers. Anchor Norah O’Donnell raised the issue of the still-controversial health care law: “One of the things that’s going to change, of course, in the new year is ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act. How do you implement that at Cheesecake Factory, and how will you pay for health care for all of your employees?

#Occupy Black Friday: Wal-Mart, Corporations, Profit, Capitalism= Bad; Obamacare Great all copyrights reserved. November 23, 2012 Rockford, Illinois. Members of Occupy Rockford protest Black Friday and Wal-Mart and get challenged by this Tea Party activist and conservative political blogger about their views. They say Wal-Mart is bad for selling Chinese made products but don’t want to acknowledge that products are made overseas compared to the United States because of taxes, regulations, and the cost of labor. One Occupier went so far as to say that Obamacare was the greatest thing to happen in years and wished that Obamacare went farther, as in single payer socialized medicine. Another kept saying that Corporations, profit, and capitalism were bad, to which I informed him about the late great economist Milton Friedman. These Occupiers just couldn’t seem to grasp the concept that no one is force to apply at, accept job offers from, work at, or stay at Wal-Mart let alone that the people are free to shop at any store they want(and there are literally a hundred stores along East State Street in Rockford, and even more in other parts of the city(Illinois’ 3rd largest). They simply just don’t understand economics. Sorry for the poor audio quality at points it was very windy.