Benghazi Talking Points — How the State Dept Lied to us

CIA original report of the terrorist attack on 9/11/12 morphed into “an angry mob attacking the embassy.” Who changed the story and why? Who gave the order to abandon the ambassador and “stand down” while he was assassinated? Why? Did these Americans die because the president wanted to maintain a false story for his election campaign?

Benghazi Talking Points Timeline -click to read detailed PDF

Following this “adjustment” of the official story, Hillary, Rice and Barack went on tour to sell the lie that it was not a terrorist attack, but provoked by some old youtube video.
Hillary promised they would find and punish the guy who did the provocative video, Barack promised to “get to the bottom of this.”
Some suspect that after investigating The Benghazi betrayal, as well as IRS, OSHA and BATF coordinated harassment of dissenting citizens; Justice dept. failure to prosecute voter intimidation; “stimulation” funds to crony’s failed “green energy” boondoggles; the “Fast and Furious” program to supply weapons to Druglords; The high cost of ethanol-gas; The destruction of the housing market; misleading statistics on unemployment and inflation; the attacks on privacy and freedom of dissenting reporters—–….

When Barack “gets to the bottom” of these, he may comment, like the cartoon character Pogo, “Everyplace I go, there I am again!”

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