50 thoughts on “Global Warming Hoax

  1. TheLililitu

    Well, “mac,” if your friend was as smart as she (he?) claims to be, she (he?) should have no problem discounting my arguments, even if i am just a fuckwit troll. No, I am not trolling. If you read my comments on those sceptic videos, you’ll see that I am fair and balanced; I’m not attacking people’s personalities. If you are religious, I’ll listen, for example.

  2. TheLililitu

    Mac, I am not attacking Badva’s personality, just her arguments. Also, you can’t prove that I am toss3er. Want the truth? I’ll be honest: I am a high school student, trolling online to practice logic skills. Fun, huh? It’s amazing what kinds of stupidity people will argue with online, but–surprisingly–there are very intelligent people too. I find that, when I chat with people on skeptic vids, I gain deeper understanding of religious and secular issues. What do you think?

  3. TheLililitu

    From your last comment, i get that you looked at my channel, right? Yeah, I am an atheist. I also love Xian music, though. I just grew up with it, and I love singing with Xians because singing is fun. You have no proof I am toss3er.

  4. TheLililitu

    Hmm…. I don’t know if I am amused. Let me ask you: were you humoring every person you’ve argued with on this page? That’s what it seems like to me.

  5. macinz1230

    Is it just me, or is the fact that you got snapped trolling under a different name toned your attitude down? No I havnt looked at your channel, im not that interested, just saw you dancing around the question by badvagirl. You ARE the toss3er I can tell by how condecending you are to people on here. Its just the toss3er to a tee. It looks like you have been trolling these vids and trying to bully people for a while. If you want to argue about religion, fuck off to a religious video.

  6. macinz1230

    So the elephant in the room now is: where do we go from here Atomtoss3er aka TheNewyou? Do you create yet another pseudoname, come back later and troll on, pretending to be someone you arent? The ball is in your court pal. Let me give the student some advice, If you want to talk about religion etc (I doubt that, but will give you benefit of the doubt) as I have said I would suggest you fuck off to some of the crazy fanatical religious vids in abundance on youtube. Ya feel me?

  7. TheLililitu

    Whoah. You know, if anyone is trying to sound significant, it’s you. Whatever, call me whatever you will; I don’t care. It doesn’t matter if I am atomtoss3er or not. Badvagirl, your girl, isn’t the sharpest tool in the tool shed. It’s not an ad hominem; it’s an objective analysis, and I have proof and evidence.

  8. TheLililitu

    Mac…I didn’t come to this page to talk about global warming. Im just giving my old girl, my favorite troll, badva, a visit. I thinks she’s getting what she deserves. What do you think?

  9. puden Tain

    = Badvagirl … isn’t the sharpest tool in the tool shed.=
    True, but she’s still the easiest screw in the trailer court.
    That’s an ad hominem.
    She can also be used to hold down man-hole covers.
    That’s another…

  10. TheLililitu

    yeah, I do use fallacies. I’m human. I’d admit that. Can badvagirl admit it too? Whether badvagirl can admit she’s wrong was my point. hahahaha.

  11. badvagirl


    germans are chopping down trees to heat their homes with wood burning stoves…..the eco-nazis have succeeded in getting the cost of fuel so high that poor germans are freezing.
    so, in efforts to limit fossil fuel/co2, the enviro-whack-os have succeeded in forests being destroyed & more co2 being emmited than ever!!

    do these nut jobs EVER get tired of being kicked in the butt by the law of unintended consequences??
    what a bunch of dopes.

  12. TheLililitu

    “eco-nazis”–poisoning the well.
    “nut jobs”–ad hominem

    BTW…I thought you didn’t care about people? I remember you claiming that you don’t give a rip about the poor.

  13. puden Tain

    After Fukushima, Germany accelerated plans to phase-out their nuke plants. All would be closed in 11y, not 25 and 8 plants then down for maintenance would not be restarted. Many of us (enviro-whack-os) thought this to be an overreaction & that Germany’s fossil & successful green energy development would not be able to take up the slack. Their current energy shortfall has nothing to do with efforts to limit fossil fuel use.

    The bad girl is stupidly wrong. Again…

  14. puden Tain

    “…forests being destroyed & more co2 being emmited [sic] than ever!!”

    Burning trees for fuel has little effect on the CO2 balance. Forests fix CO2 at roughly the same rate as it is released by burning. Fossilization of biomass fixes CO2 on a scale of millions of years, which we release on a scale of decades. Only the later affects the CO2 balance.

    The bad girl is stupidly wrong. Again & again…

  15. TheThruster24

    The massive hole in the ozone layer suggests otherwise.

    The constant refusal to believe anything that has a negative effect on mankind leads me to believe that we’re all in fact fucked.

  16. Paniekzaaiertje

    @TheThruster24 Hole in the ozone layer? Do you even read news? The is and has never been a ‘hole in the ozone layer’. Get off your high horse and stop thinking that we humans have an influence on weather and long term weather — climate. The reason we’re fucked is because people like you will most likely reproduce and spread unintelligence throughout the world.

  17. LordMonckton78

    The climate models are not actually models you know they are spherical crystal devices that when the climatologists hands are laid on them a swirling mist reveals what will be happening in the future

  18. blackadderthe4

    ‘Lord Monckton promotes himself as an ‘expert reviewer’ for the IPCC’s forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report, and says he’ll take a “strictly scientific, economic, rational and logical approach” to global warming questions.

    But Dr Mullan said anybody can offer themselves forward as an expert reviewer.

    Those claims were an attempt to legitimise his arguments, Dr Mullan said.’

    h ttp://w ww.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/arti­cle.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=108749­50

  19. LordMonckton78

    The successor to Einstein also agrees that climate “modelers” are frauds.

    But that approach lost out to the computer-modeling approach favored by climate scientists. And that approach was flawed from the beginning.
    “I just think they don’t understand the climate,” he said of climatologists. “Their computer models are full of fudge factors.”

    physicist Freeman Dyson

  20. puden Tain

    Right On! …with a few corrections:
    1) Rise in surface temp has slowed over the past 15y.
    2) That span starts with an El Nino, which transfers heat from the oceans to the surface.
    3) It ends with a La Nina, which lowers surface temps.
    4) Surface temp accounts for ~1% of the global heat budget.
    5) Oceans account for nearly all the heat budget & continue to warm unabated.

  21. macinz1230

    Fair enough the goalposts have now been moved to the ocean. I guess saying that ocean temps continue to rise unabated, depends on which graph you are looking at. I am looking at one on the NOAA site (PMEL) Lyman et al showing the 0-700m heat content anomaly from 1993 to 2013. Shows a steep rise then a definite flattening, slowing over the last decade or so.

  22. puden Tain

    “Fair enough the goalposts have now been moved to the ocean.”
    Your ignorance does not demonstrate moving goal-posts.

    “Lyman et al…”
    That would be the ’10 paper, a favorite of the deny-o-sphere. The oceans are deeper 700m. Surface ocean temp trends with the troposphere. See Nuccitelli et al. (2012). Deep ocean temps continue to rise, as does total ocean heat content.

  23. LordMonckton78

    LOL have you ever used a vacuum cleaner to remove those french fries from your nostrils? If you like potatoes in your nose what do you put in your anus?

    “The models are convenient fictions
    that provide something very useful.”
    – Dr David Frame,
    climate modeler, Oxford University

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