Hillary Did NOT Win The Popular Vote, Is this true?

This article is very interesting, but incorrect. According to law, all the absentee ballots ARE counted eventually. the situation is more complex.   I’m beginning to see the value in social media. Right and wrong opinions abound. But social media can be a true democracy of ideas and information– that can be challenged by anybody. You can research and decide for yourself about your opinion. Don’t be concerned to prove you are right, but find out if a “fact” is true or false.
You don’t have to burn down liquor stores to hear and be heard. Eventually, if we freely share, the facts will come out. If this is true, then it will prevail among fair minded people. If it is false, that will be revealed. The truth has no agenda. And it’s international. This scientific approach could bring peace to the world.

No, Liberals…Hillary Did NOT Win The Popular Vote, Stop With The Petitions

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