Homeland Security Buys 1.6 BILLION Rounds of Ammunition…

Who are they planning to shoot??? DWB facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drinking-with-Bob-Fan-Page/339574254491.

48 thoughts on “Homeland Security Buys 1.6 BILLION Rounds of Ammunition…

  1. j19527

    Wrong, its a perfect example of Jewish-inspired Communism.
    The elephant in the room just wet himself, now everyone is starting to say something, and he is due to take a big shit soon.

  2. mskitty12311

    Cameron takes hardline on ‘hordes’ of immigrants /watch?v=jW9gqE4syk8&feature=em-uploademail. The British PM has unveiled a massive immigration crackdown – restricting welfare payments, social housing and access to the health service. Cameron called on ending what he dubbed the ‘something for nothing culture’ of those arriving in the UK – and wants the numbers of people allowed in to be heavily reduced.

  3. mskitty12311

    We have a sequester.  The federal government is shortly going to lay off large swaths of its workforce, including the military, yet the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is still sending out announcements for applications for micro-enterprise grants to non-profits so they can further distribute your tax dollars to refugee ‘entrepreneurs’ who truth-be-told want to get paid to care for their own kids and a few others (of their own kind) in their. own. homes.

  4. ElusiveCube

    The government also issued hummers-h3 fully loaded and armored, and they are not for soldiers on foreign soil or to protect our borders, they are to protect the feds, so with all the purchased bullets and armored hummers, well something is cooking in America.

  5. mskitty12311

    “ An international interest believes that reforming another part of the world or adding diversity to ours is an end in and of itself. A national interest however looks primarily at how the the citizenry of the nation would benefit from such a step.”–A good quote from today’s blog from the Sultan Knish

  6. mskitty12311

    ” The entire program of reconstruction is inherently internationalist. It uses American soldiers as blunt instruments for reforming another society. In Afghanistan, American soldiers are denied air support or the right to fire first because that would interfere with the internationalist aim of winning over the native population. Once the internationalist aim dominates the national interest then that is a sign that the entire program has gone wrong.” — Today’s Sultan. Knish

  7. mskitty12311

    ” And the same is true of immigration. Once an immigration policy results in native displacement, high crime rates and social dysfunction then it is no longer operating in the national interest, but in the international interest. And that is when it is time to put a stop to it.”–The SK

  8. ReformedOrderPart2

    Um, either you’re not awake & aware of what’s going on or have not understood the urgency of this video. If I wore an officer outfit that said “security” on it & showed up at your door, would you just simply let me in? Or better yet, say you saw me coming with a few of my “officers” & we just decided to let ourselves in & take whatever we wanted from your house & beat & tied you up in the process? Would you trust us then? You getting my point? You bet you can trust the government about the same.

  9. Kim Rozell

    Bob: Think Cyprus… bank closings. Now it comes to America! Now think airborne drones with guns to control the crowds of Americans who are at the bank’s door wanting their money. Think of the people rioting who are on Food Stamps, and the stamps don’t work! The 40 cal hollow point fits perfectly in a belt feed drone flying over head. So maybe that is why the CDC and FEMA purchased 25 million coffin liners between 2002 and 2011. Welcome to the New World Order.

  10. mskitty12311

    OMG if ever there was a time to learn how to write a thriller, now would be it. Bank closings, deposits raided to keeo afloatbankrupt countries, the lower classes without food stamps, Americans fighting for limited resources against the illegals, hollow points and drones, meteors seen everywhere and one is bound to hit, the rich. and famous escaping to their island paradises where they now tape. all the reality. shows. for the. thumbed; down public

  11. carlindelco

    1.6 BILLION rounds, 10, 000 ar 15’s ( called personal defense weapons when purchased by government) and they also want gun “CONTROL” especially on guns with large magazine capacity and tactical ability.. hmm yeah that’s both sides of the coin. History will look upon us a domiciles if more people don’t put 2 and 2 together. They know something is going to happen. And when it does they want full CONTROL and us without an means of defense. Would you be doing the same thing if you were wicked?

  12. john holmes

    Come on Bob you just now heard about HomeLand buying ammo, I heard and new about this since 2012. Guess what I told people that our government is buying ammo to kill us and they said your crazy dog. Now it’s all over the news and I’m crazy.

  13. HomleandSecurity

    This drunk fuck has no idea what it takes to train security agents and provide us with ammo. He wants 9/11 to happen again.

    His channel is called, “Drinking with Bob.”

    Who listens to an alcoholic non-military person talk about ammo?

    Bob, either shut up or join the Marines.

    I bet you couldn’t get through day one of boot camp.

  14. FuckObamasMama

    You’re as drunk as you claim Bob to be if you expect us to believe you’re with DHS.I think you have little mans complex.You want to feel big?Do what most little guys do and buy the biggest pick up truck so you feel empowered.

  15. FuckObamasMama

    He may have just heard it but that’s a step in the right direction.There are millions who lack enough critical thought to at least consider the possibility.Nobody wants that to be true however,what if?

  16. DIEversity404

    Actually you are wrong again, lemming. The reason the Red Army was in rapid retreat is because they were in offensive positions on the German/Slovakian/Romanian borders. This is why such large numbers of soldiers were captured and the German/Axis armies were able to gain so much territory so fast. Stalin’s forces were preparing for an offensive across Europe which is why they were on the border and easily encircled. Stop trying to cover-up jewish crimes as if jews can do no wrong, horowitz.

  17. Andy Anderson

    Dude, your revisionist views mean nothing, no wait, less than nothing to a well informed individual. Your “lemming” and “horowitz” allusion are not lost on me, but offends me not. Unfortunately, all large “groups” Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Russian, German, American, et. al. take measures to put themselves in power and then do whatever it takes to hold on to that power no matter who is hurt by it. Blood drips from all of our hands at one time or another in history. Why single out only the Jews?

  18. TheUrbaneViking

    Let’s restrict guns on the homefront but covertly supply terrorists, who, after killing our enemy, will eventually set the sights we gave them on us.

    The Soviet-Afghan war is enough of a case in point; it’s our great imperial strategy.

  19. mikoDafist

    Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control
    Demand A Plan To Tell Fascist Celebrity Snobs To Go Screw Themselves
    SANDY HOOK – The Documentary 2013
    THE EXECUTIVE: Obama’s Real Reason He Wants Your Guns (Full Documentary)
    The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary)

  20. Dusco25

    It has nothing to do with ammo control.. All the rounds all which is now 1.625 billion are Hollow-point bullets.. Do you know what Hollow-point bullets are for?

  21. Dusco25

    And what about the 4000 armored trucks they now have on order along with the 3000 they have now they got a year ago? watch /watch?v=XjzXzekLhZk all DHS.. DHS is for the homeland right?

  22. hardasnails64

    Bingo. A+ and gold star for you. It is the (fake) Jews! spoken about in revelations 2.9 and 3.9. They are the synagogue of satan. (Rothschilds)

  23. cheeseaura1

    I totally feel the potential for a power grab, but maybe it’s something more disappointing.

    Maybe they’re front loading the order because bullets will be too expensive soon.

  24. sweetgirl3231

    I think that if we don’t give up are guns. Then there going to blow us away. I think are government had it all planned in the beginning. we are the only country that is stopping the New World Order. We are not mentioned in the Bible!

  25. DIEversity404

    Stick to the facts, horowitz. The Red Army, which had invaded and occupied parts of Finland, all of the Baltic nations and Bessarabia in Romania the previous summer. Your telling me that the Red Army was just going to relax for the next couple years after that without even defending their border?
    Why single out the Germans like the jews do(and you did) on television and in hollywood?

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