5 thoughts on “Krauthammer: The Huge Deficits from ObamaCare Will Lead to a National Sales Tax

  1. APolitically

    A sales tax will be the least of our problems.
    Soon we won’t be able to afford the interest on our national debt and who is going to bail America out?

  2. USA4July1776

    This bill made America into a euro-socialist nation overnight, not to mention a banana republic given the totalitarian methods used to pass it.

    Value added tax will mean: chronic low growth, no motivation to succeed, low quality care, high immigration to abuse our services even more, increased melancholy, increased mediocrity, high costs of living, high unemployment, government corruption and a growing craddle to grave entitlement class… our economy will never recover.

    Game over.

  3. MB3Productions

    I never would of thought I’d see this happen. This is the epitome of arrogance on the part of the Democrats. Damn be the will of the people. THEY know what’s good for us…socialism. A nanny state from cradle to grave. We need to rise up. This cannot stand. They think once passed, we will go quietly into the night. WRONG. Come November and 2012, we’ll see about that.

  4. AmericaTops

    That was a very, very sad night in the history of America. Very sad, and disappointing. Another level of nanny State was ushered in. November 2010 is coming. TURN all of those politicians out! They have learned nothing from past horrors with huge government programs! Nothing. The pendulum must swing back the other way, to true American independence. Go! Tea Parties…

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