Martial Law 2013: Obama To Force Gun Confiscation for Global Government Takeover Pt 3

Experts like Hitler, Stalin, Mao all agree: Gun Control works in controlling human populations. Investigative Reporter Doug Hagmann reveals the latest from his clandestine meeting with “Rosebud” his insider source within the Dept. of Homeland Security that the Administration of ObamaNation is seeking to use all means necessary to enforce gun confiscation upon law-abiding American Citizens in 2013, as a prerequisite to achieving the New World Order takeover by their Global Bankster Masters. Read Doug Hagmann’s Full Report: DHS INSIDER GIVES REPORT ON GUN CONFISCATION AND MARTIAL LAW TO INVESTIGATOR IN FACE TO FACE MEETING Part 2:

2 thoughts on “Martial Law 2013: Obama To Force Gun Confiscation for Global Government Takeover Pt 3

  1. nopackdrill

    Damn, Jonesy’s good … i’ve NEVER been more ambivalent about an individual as i have Jones, got all the hardcore incriminating dirt on the guy but he’s the best at what he does, his comprehension of the Ins, Outs, Upside-Downs and Back-to-Fronts is peerless´╗┐

  2. SuperScottishwarrior

    they want to get the second amendment cause it obligates the citizens to take up arms agaist a threat to the constituion (the tyranical government, ours)all these shootings are funded some how through them, maybe some kind of brain washing,hypmotizing! they will be more shootings wait´╗┐ and see! and to the police and military your job is to protect us from them! IF YOUR NOT WITH US YOUR AGANIST US!so bring it on!!! and if you ponit your ar15 at us then your a TRAITOR and we will defend ourselves!!

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