Martial Law 2013: Obama To Force Gun Confiscation for Global Government Takeover Pt2

Experts like Hitler, Stalin, Mao all agree: Gun Control works in controlling human populations. Investigative Reporter Doug Hagmann reveals the latest from his clandestine meeting with “Rosebud” his insider source within the Dept. of Homeland Security that the Administration of ObamaNation is seeking to use all means necessary to enforce gun confiscation upon law-abiding American Citizens in 2013, as a prerequisite to achieving the New World Order takeover by their Global Bankster Masters. Read Doug Hagmann’s Full Report: DHS INSIDER GIVES REPORT ON GUN CONFISCATION AND MARTIAL LAW TO INVESTIGATOR IN FACE TO FACE MEETING Part 2:

24 thoughts on “Martial Law 2013: Obama To Force Gun Confiscation for Global Government Takeover Pt2

  1. TheDigitalWeb

    So……when does the bullshit stop, and the Patriots march…?

    I’m tired of listening to traitors in Gub’mnt talk shit against the Citizen Of The United States Of America, and trying to impose their demonic will on freedom loving men,women, and children!

    When do we hit the streets?

  2. nopackdrill

    very good segment, nails it pretty much, 2013 will be a critical year in their long range plan b/c of its occultic significance, they always use 13 or its reverse 31, do a search and you’ll see

  3. jeffstoe

    @TheDigitalWeb….. well said. When do we hit the streets? Are we going to wait till none of us have a job or a place to live. Strving,hungry. When do we say enough?

  4. mike35341

    I would say there is two versions to this, the first version is they want martial law, To take all the guns back So you are easier to control, and they are training Very young soldiers, already preprogrammed with fighting and action skills, From the trusty old Xbox live call of duty Boot Camp!!!…

  5. mike35341

    Or the other version, They want martial law to take all the guns back so you are easier to control, when planet X finally has its way with the sun and starts kicking off and solar activity and Wipe’s out all the power grids And plunges America into darkness, So the troops will already be in place and that’s why they are painting all their Military vehicles White, So they will shine up in the dark:0)…… Yeah good luck with that one guys!!!!

  6. Alicia Banks

    hobama is an incessant liar and a bold ruthless hypocrite!!!!!!!
    he is taking ALL of our guns as he has dared to simultaneously create a law that will give HIM armed guards for life….
    cc ndaa/fema camps/dhs ammo/false flag events/wwiii/civil war ii etc
    shame on the deaf dumb fleeced fooled gunless defenseless sheeple!!!!!!!­0/selection-2012–%E2%80%9Cfor­ward%E2%80%9D-with-the-fleecin­g-of-america/

  7. MrSidekick79

    People, please read unbiased history to see what happens when they try to take away guns. Also, if it were not for colonial era militia, this country would be an extension of the U.K. and they would have took our guns long ago. WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!

  8. Anthony Shear


  9. g0vtruth2013

    “Helicopters came down with people, soldiers, coming down ropes and jumping from balcony to balcony,” Brugo said of the scene playing out at the empty Grand Bay, next to the Ritz. “They were throwing, like, fireworks, things that emulated bombs and grenades, and there was a lot of noise.”

  10. g0vtruth2013

    Shits going down in MIAMI!! Martial law exercises!? MIAMI 1-23-2013
    This is from a previous exercise
    The “movie” outside was a massive anti-terror training exercise being conducted by U.S. Special Operations forces out of Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa. Members of all branches of the military participated in the operation. The scenario was loud. There was lots of gunfire and building-rattling helicopters and fighter jets.

  11. g0vtruth2013

    Police presence every where.. Police are at major exit HWY pulling people over like crazy! WTF is going on????? In Miami??? 1-23-13

    If its an exercise why do I see police arresting people?? exit 826 Palmetto HWY nw 36st

  12. gavenslusser

    Hahaha Obama and all the liberals can’t take away our guns I have a m1 .30-6 that says so good luck barrack lemme know how this works put for ya after a angry mob storms the White House lol 🙂

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