Morgan Freeman Calls Tea Party & Conservatives Racists for not wanting Obama Re-elected

I would not normally waste my time with posting an actors opinion but due to the fact that this is an excellent example of how being a great actor does not mean you are smart, informed, or insightful. Morgan Freeman is a great actor. He most often plays characters that are intelligent, informed, and insightful but he proves here that he is in reality none of those things. I love his work but because I have just learned that I am a racist, I will no longer watch a movie in which he appears. If you have learned that you are a racist after watching this, I urge you to join me.

20 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Calls Tea Party & Conservatives Racists for not wanting Obama Re-elected

  1. rockthecityatnight

    Morgan Freeman, stick to the script, you are an amazing actor. Regarding Obama, look around the country is a MESS!!!! People don’t want Obama out because he is a black man. Good grief.

  2. Jerry York

    Morgan, look around are you blind. The country is in a terrible mess. Its not in a mess because Obama is black, is because of his lack of experience, and the lack of the right people around him. We saw the same lack of leadership with Jimmy Carter so its not a race issue. Obama needs to learn to work with people instead of classifying as enemies when they don’t agree with him. You don’t balance the budget by going deeper and deeper into debt.


    Morgan Freeman, change your last name to Slaveman. Better yet BLINDMAN!

    This country is going down the drain. WAKE UP!

    END THE FED!! . We need an entire new system in place. This entire system is rigged!! It’s a sham, scam, & political reality show!

    We’re being bamboozled. This is coming from me, an intelligent BLACK MAN.

    Who knows that the elite plan to divide & conquer. Using race & class cards as weapons. Aside from the ones they used to kill Gaddafi for helping his African people.

  4. morgansilzara

    Typical hollyweird response. This man is a good “actor” but has no clue. Tea party controlling rep party?? Stick to your acting, and drinking which is pretty obvious in this interview.

    2:14 you drank the Kool-aid like all the other obama voters

  5. 535echo

    Hey Morgan…. news flash buddy….. there are BLACK people who can’t stand Obama. Go make a movie, you’re good at that and hey, now that you’ve called me a racist, I’ll wait to see to them til they’re 99 cents at the rental store!

  6. bond519

    I noticed that this idiot didn’t defend with any kind of common sense and truth anything that Obama has done right. Maybe that is because Obama hasn’t done anything right.

  7. jackfn1234

    What a completely ignorant stereotype. Typical liberal comeback to pull out the race card. Maybe I don’t like Obama because of his policies, ever thought of that?!? To be honest, I’m not a fan of Nancy Pelosi either… am I a sexist now? Seriously, just lost all respect for Morgan Freeman.

  8. ENCXBG1

    This only makes me feel sorry for actors. They obviously have no clue about the policies in play and only understand what the liberal media is throwing at them. Conservatives couldn’t possibly think that our government is out of control in it’s size and it’s absolute waste of taxpayer resources. They couldn’t be happy with the national debt and bad foreign policy. They couldn’t be angry about rising energy and food prices. No! Conservatives are angry because they hate black people!

  9. 1776FreedomNow

    Morgan Freeman has received disinformation. Someone needs to talk to this guy. I used to like you as a actor Morgan. Now i think you’re a puppet.

  10. jd zer

    i know its a little late for this comment but still, this idiot think everyone is a racist, as most do, shit you cant even breath in this country with out being called a racist, in my opinion, isn’t this fucking idiot a racist for calling the teap party a racist, he is a hater just the same, so fuck you racist!!!!!

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