Obamacare Cost Has Already Doubled

Video theme song:www.youtube.com A Useful Idiot brings up a Congressional Budget Office report published last March that moves the pricetag for Obamacare from the initial projected price of $900 billion from 2014 to 2020 to a new pricetag of $1.76 trillion – effectively doubling in price and we are still two years from implementation.The other bad news is that conceivably more people could be left uninsured, not less…and that the whole foundation Obamacare is built on – the mandate – may be difficult to enforce and easily circumvented.This is what we have to come to expect from government designed and run programs.For that reason it is easier to believe the bad news about Obamacare instead of the good news – good news hard to find. CBO report on Obamacare:news.investors.com Milton Friedman on government health care:www.youtube.com

12 thoughts on “Obamacare Cost Has Already Doubled

  1. mtzlypk

    Im sure they didnt factor in the rise in costs…i worked in er for 6 yrs. in city of 100,000 people.. the medical business is a ripoff , another greedy corporation even the ones that say their nonprofit..theres ways of getting around everything..ive seen them just piss money away on things that werent really needed..No dont give folks a break on the bill,the folks that make the money is the hospitals,,dr. fees reasonable,room rate ridiculous.how many millions they made on each room.

  2. Bert Powers

    The devil is definitely in the details here. Details are what lawyer/politicians are good at manipulating and hiding. The bottom line here is bad medicine for the economy and taxpayers.

  3. ers586

    I once met someone who spent the evening bitching about his job. Finally, I said, “You’re educated, you make a good appearance, I assume you do your job well. Get another job.” He replied, “I have colitus; every couple of yrs I need an operation or I’ll die. If I leave that job, my pre-existing condition will never be insured again. They know it, they treat me like crap & will never promote me.” Obamacare will end this. Not since the ’64 civil rts act have so many been freed from discrimination

  4. bnfox

    You keep pointing out this detail about pre-existing conditions and changing jobs – in all that is a relatively small part of this picture, particularly because I just don’t believe this will play out as promised. It already isn’t.I do appreciate your optimism but when the dust settles there will be plenty of loopholes baked in this cake.As the video points out, there are plenty of flaws already and they will exponentially increase as is the nature of government programs and trying to regulate.

  5. bnfox

    “Not since the ’64 civil rts act have so many been freed from discrimination”. Tell me that again when the program actually starts.I do not share your unbridled optimism.And the 64 civil rights act hardly freed everyone from discrimination – it only removed state sponsored discrimination.

  6. ers586

    EVERY nation that has national health insurance has KEPT it. England, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Israel, etc. Sure there’ve been changes along the way. If you could show me a country where the leaders say, “We tried national health care; it flopped. Big mistake.” then I would sit up and notice. But even the English Tories refused to repeal their health care in the last national election.

  7. ers586

    No, the ’64 Civil Rights Act was not limited to state sponsored discrimination. It said that places of public accommodation–hotels, motels, restaurants, pharmacies, trains, buses, chain stores, etc–could not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, etc. Its enactment ended the sit-ins at the lunch counters in Southern branches of such chains as Woolworths.

    The pre-existence ban hasn’t kicked in yet. The law gave insurance companies times to adjust their policies.

  8. bnfox

    I get the distinction but I still insist that even in light of federal laws, discrimination continued even though the outward signs became less visible.The progress against discrimination is actually a class issue and not necessarily a race issue.Most Americans are comfortable with blacks who adopt to the white-dominated corporate culture, the prejudice manifests around the black subculture and frankly the white subculture, the reason I know it is about class…just like back then.

  9. bnfox

    and a number of Western nations cannot sustain those programs and will all eventually scale them back much more as global economic contraction continues and the sovereign fiscal collapse continues – UK, France, and most of Europe other than up north (much more manageable and well managed as a rule) will all have their systems fail on their current trajectory.Read about Greece’s healthcare system – utterly collapsed.English election means nothing – as here, no balls for change.

  10. ers586

    One result of the economic collapse: as unemployment continues to stagnate, while others are employed at substantially lower paying jobs, the revenue which would support social security, medicare, and medicaid, & their European equivalents dramatically declines.

    The answer is not to cut back on the social safety net that has served us so well

    Instead, the highest priority should be focused on creating new jobs. Here I fault Obama for going after health care when jobs should have been #1

  11. bnfox

    Agree fully with first paragraph and pretty much what I was driving at…and the issue should really focus on public pensions and entitlements, not necessarily safety nets…but safety nets also need to be radically reformed.The bottom line of yours is problematic – neither speculative banks, massive private and public debt,a decimated workforce (taxpayers) neither the government nor business or the Fed are going to create jobs at this level.War has drained everything.

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