Rachel Maddow: Pin The Debt On The Donkey: Rachel Debunks Republican Fiscal Responsibility Myth

Clip from November 16, 2010, The Rachel Maddow Show where Rachel and crew play “Pin The Debt On The Donkey” and admonishes the press and public to “watch what the Republics do, not what the say” when it comes to their cynical phony fiscal policy. Rachel completely debunks the myth of Republicans trying to cynically portray themselves as the “party of fiscal responsibility” by examining their irresponsible tax cuts and efforts to repeal health care legislation (aka “Obamacare”), which, together with other Republican proposals, will increase the deficit and debt by $1 trillion dollars, rather than reduce it.

12 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow: Pin The Debt On The Donkey: Rachel Debunks Republican Fiscal Responsibility Myth

  1. Robert Smith

    Rachael gets it and thank you for exposing Rethuglicans for what they really are… Not Conservative at all… What they do wan’t to cut are entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare. I just got this piece of news on CNN about 20 minutes ago. This is their new adjenda to reducing the deficit. Good luck with that.

  2. HardEdge53

    How can you be dumb enough to believe a chart that is in percentage which means nothing, and that is based on data that confuses public and federal debt, and assigns the entire first year of the Obama administration’s debt to Bush?

  3. HardEdge53

    GWB=8 years=4.899T, Two years during Bush under Pelosi/Reid=1.95T, 27 months of Obama=4.61T or spending at 3 times that of Bush. (US Government Data)

  4. Leones44

    Dude, if you are going to respond to my post you gotta post something that makes sense. First, using percentages is the best way to compare apples to apples you moron. Looking at raw numbers often times can be misleading anybody with a high school degree should know this. Second, the budget that existed Obama’s first year in office was Bush’s budget! It gets voted on a the year before! I swear conservatives live in a different reality! You guys are scary.

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