Ray Stevens – If 10% is Good Enough for Jesus (Live)

Ray Stevens performing If 10% is Good Enough for Jesus Live in Branson, Missouri in 2010. Be sure to visit www.RayStevens.com and Check out the Tea Party Spe…

49 thoughts on “Ray Stevens – If 10% is Good Enough for Jesus (Live)

  1. NaturalBlonde4ever

    I love how he is willing to put his opinion out there so freely; saying the things I agree with but have no way to say. His songs are filled with the blunt truth of the matter and also laced with humor. Needless to say, I wish more people could stand up and say/sing what they believe in more often. Also, this song reminds me of Tim Hawkins’ song, ‘The Government Can’.

  2. Tarl Telford

    “I’m as patriotic as the next man”, and I’m tired of working so that someone else can take. In a free society you will always have criticism, parody and satire pointed at the leaders. Where there is not this funny business, there is not freedom.
    I truly appreciate how Ray Stevens can be funny and witty and make a thought-provoking point in a family-friendly way.
    Money can buy shelter, but laughter warms from the inside. Keep us laughing, Ray.

  3. CloudchaserShaconag

    The problem with a flat tax rate is that the rich easily afford it, but the poor, not so much. For example. If there’s a 10% flat rate, then someone with an income of $1m has $900k left over, well more than enough to live comfortably and so the $100k isn’t even missed assuming they’re not greedy, materialistic, etc. But to someone with an income of $20k, $2k is an awful lot of money.

  4. TTexas2

    Ray you still know how to express serious difficult situations with satire, simplicity, clarity and make us laugh at the same time.
    Thank You Rat Stevens for caring enough to tackle the serious issues truth & wit.


  5. Linda Brewer

    Ray you still know how to express serious difficult situations with satire, simplicity, clarity and make us laugh at the same time.
    Thank You Rat Stevens for caring enough to tackle the serious issues truth &

  6. 5pursuit

    1 dislike, it has to be Obama or one of his cronies, Pelosi or Reid. No real american would dislike this the message in this song. Keep them coming Ray. You may be known for comedy, but some of these ones you have come out with over the past few years have a real hard core message the people need to listen to. Like in God save Arizona.

  7. richulan

    Ray Stevens is since the early seventies one of my favourites. And I agree with Shaggie07: Ray hasn’t aged, and he is still young in his heart. Look at his eyes. Humour keeps someone going!

  8. ACcountryFan

    It hasn’t gotten a lot of publicity, yet, but Ray and his long-time songwriting partner and music video co-star, Buddy Kalb, have written a book of essays called “Let’s Get Political” and it’s available at Ray’s on-line store. It’s a book filled with lyrics of the political and patriotic songs he’s recorded over the last several years on two back-to-back CD’s and each song features comments from Ray on why he recorded them. The comments are rather lengthy, too, which I appreciate.

  9. ACcountryFan

    A wonderful song by a wonderful entertainer/singer/songwriter/musician/producer/arranger/comedian/viral video star/direct marketing guru/conservative, Tea Party enthusiast…in general, a jack of all trades in the music industry!

    For those who get the RFD-TV channel, a 1972 episode of Hee-Haw will air tonight at 8pm Eastern. Ray is one of the guests. He sings “Gitarzan” and “Isn’t It Lonely Together?”. This episode first aired on RFD-TV in November 2011 and it’s being reran tonight.

  10. Donna W

    Grew up laughing at Ray Steven’s songs and he still makes me chuckle. Excellent work, Ray!
    Now, don’t be afraid of telling us your opinion… ;-0

  11. bigfootskitty

    Jesus is WORTH 10% Uncle Sam on the other hand? When was the last time our U.S. government gave A Good living rip about ANYTHING regular folks had to say? If you aren’t some big wheel with millions in campaign contributions, Then YOU DON’T COUNT for ANYTHING EXCEPT A DISPOSABLE LIFE FORM! To be worked and OVER worked at 2 jobs trying to make ends meet, Only to have your Earnings STOLEN and then Have THE THIEF REIMBURSED WITH YOUR INSURANCE! NO ONE FOR PRESIDENT till somebody can handle the job!

  12. buddy54ck

    Hi Ray,
    That really puts things in perspective, truer words were never spoken!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration, You da man!!!

  13. ice bear

    Well America is without a doubt the greatest nation on earth.You folks do amazing things.No one else has thier flag on the moon yet.Your military boggles the mind.You have some of the most beautiful highways and cities on earth.You loan out billions of dollars in forein aid every year and you print out greenbacks like thier going out of style.Sooner or later the loan is going to come due.

  14. Robert Marshall

    ” Theoretically, there is nothing that could stop the government from taxing 1005 of income as long as the people get benefits commensurate with their income which is taxed.” Barack Obama Sr. (Problems facing Our socialism) East African Journal, 1965.

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