Red Alert: Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1, 2013

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48 thoughts on “Red Alert: Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1, 2013

  1. charliedog5258

    people we have to get together we need to plan…. 1 or 2 people cant defend ….we need 50 or 100 people to stand together or more…..HOW DO WE DO THIS

  2. davids11131113

    The NRA shouldnt just make a planned announcement for over a week later….as rich and powerful as they are they should have immediately made announcements and videos and more….what are they good for? I dont think theyre worth much at all.

  3. wowforreeel

    You can’t hate the NRA and then complain that they’re not talking to you at the same time. NRA has 4 million members who understand what they support and 396 million people who either don’t care or think they’re whack jobs. What incentive or value would it be for them to come running into a situation in which everyone is crying about gun violence, being that they’re demonized by everyone when something like that happens. People calling to shoot the pres. of NRA? Get real man…

  4. t4705mb6

    If American citizens lose their right to protect themselves from world tyranny….. the ENTIRE planet is ….DONE! – A fascist police state worldwide WILL prevail.
    That means YOUR country!
    No matter WHAT you may have been FED through propaganda about “Americans”, MOST are FIGHTING the globalists.
    I urge ALL peoples from ALL countries to come to the aid of American civilians through any and ALL means.
    This is EXTREMELY important. If the wealthy globalists “win” this….
    we’re ALL slaves!

  5. davids11131113

    What the fuck are you muttering about? Who said anything about ‘Hating the NRA’? What? All I said was, if they intend to be effective at all they should make statement immediately not a week later. Your reading comprehension abilities have to be extremely low for you to read what I wrote, and then go off on the insane off-topic false conclusion rant you just did. BTW I’m a lifetime NRA member myself.

  6. wowforreeel

    Oh I read what you said and you’re down-talking the single organization that has done more to promote responsible firearms use than any other public organization in the world. As a lifetime member you should know more than the average person WHY they do not and should not immediately respond to such a situation. Nobody wants to hear from an organization who’s agenda is to promote firearms use, immediately after something like this. My advice, ask if they’ll give your money back and call it even.

  7. davids11131113

    OH a ‘special pleading’ reply now….’everyone knows why they’d wait a week to make a statement, everyone knows you never immediately respond’…gee really? That’s fucking retarded. And their statement IS to put cops in the schools? Gee thats real great.

  8. davids11131113

    And BTW, you apparent PSYCHOPATH here is YOUR original statement which I AGREED WITH- ‘You know what BUGS me? The NRA promises ‘major news’ on Friday, something about that sounds very very wrong’….
    So I basically AGREE and here you are going off on ME? FUCK YOU ya lunatic!

  9. wowforreeel

    I’m not going off, I’m saying what I think because it’s VERY important right now to do that as often as possible. My statement about the news from the NRA has nothing to do with the timing, it has to do with what I think could be an influenced statement.

  10. davids11131113

    I don’t think you even understand what the NRA is, what do you mean they ‘promote firearms ‘use’? No they’re supposed to be preserving the rights to have firearms, and going against those trying to curtail it…BTW what Wayne said was he supports the armed govt in schools now.

  11. davids11131113

    Yea he didnt say ANYTHING against the ramped-up govt gun grab, DID HE? No, he just says the GOVERNMENT should be put in schools armed! Step outside of EXCUSING the NRA and wake the fuck up ass hat!

  12. peter mohlman

    yeah, were f..ked! There is little hope for this country. Oh well time to hit the reset button just like Rome etc…democracy will never work no matter how many times it’s tried. Rule by majority is always a fail. Only self government will work but sadly that requires too much….se la vis….

  13. A63NT1212

    I’d have to say, “Good Luck with that Mr. Obummer!” Everyday for the last week, there has been a long line all the way around my local gun shop, full of American citizens legally purchasing firearms.

  14. appa32472

    I can’t wait. Our lord and savior Obama should take our guns. Its the only way to peace under his wonderful one world government. Praise be to Obama. Nnoottt!

  15. xjohnnyxriverra

    every1 says guns dont kill people but people kill people. i find thats 100% TURE. but we know if u give guns to people, people will kill’em themself. so why give gun to people knowly they gonna use it to kill other people.acknowledgeing that much yet still gonna give guns 2 peeps?. i dont mind if they give like less powerful weapon to public for self defense. leave the powerful weapon to military. and that how it should be. and very passionate speech u gave and i find it not true passion.fake

  16. Johnny Johns

    Where did Obama say he was going to confiscate guns? I didn’t hear it yet, only at about 12 minutes in…Not saying I agree with any new gun controls, except maybe background checks and gun-show loopholes being closed.. but leave ‘assault rifles’ and high capacity magazines alone

  17. samuski36

    You know, Hitler and his nazi regiem knew how to be very good tyrants correctly. First, they used the excuse of potential gun violence to disarm the public, ie, the jews. Then they convinced the people they were in a state of emergency, and needed to relocate. They promised the people that everything would be alright, that the relocation was only temporary and that they could go home later. It was temporary alright, 6 million jews never came home. This is why we americans never give up our guns!

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