Red Alert Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1 2013 New World Order

It is the beginning of the end, This is proof New world order is taking effect, But they world leaders use things as a distraction to pull you away from what there really doing, like the killing that just happened at the school, all those kids, and a 20 year old did it, that was on medication, There putting shit in our water, medicine, when will the world see whos really killing is, PLEASE FOLLOW ME, @SINCEREMUSIC open your eyes right now and you will see whats really going on, NWO, ILLUMINATI. we will all be killed, but before that, Jesus will come back., it is time, end times, days of revelation, click in,.

15 thoughts on “Red Alert Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1 2013 New World Order

  1. Marlenny Morales

    God blesses and uses people like yourselves to send out the final alarms, the trumpets of war and destruction at hand. God have mercy on us, get your spiritual life in order with God, since these bodies are only temporary, but our souls are forever. We can fight to the death, but once death comes it is forever, invest in your life and invest in your soul! God Bless You and Protect You, your God is proud.

  2. Rhona Kornel

    We asked for it, you said something for a sec about hoping to God. This is why this is happening, we turned away from Him. We used to be a Godly nation but have removed Him from everywhere. Yes they will kill us. We didn’t learn from history and is even laid out in the bible in 1&2 Kings. We blew it, we had everything but forgot it was God who gave it to us. We used to have His Commandments in schools & public buildings. Read the bible 1/3 die at the sword, some go into captivity, starvation…

  3. Rhona Kornel

    At least you have eyes and ears to see what is going on and are warning others. Do you have eyes and ears for Him? There is still a little time to turn back to Him and have His protection. There are 3000 concentration camps around the world and 800 in the US. Are you ready to turn back to Him? The nation is going into captivity but there is still a little time for some individuals to wake up and even escape. Pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things these things…

  4. Rhona Kornel

    …that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man – Luke 21:36.

    Yes to escape, there is a way to escape but you must repent, get baptized if you can in the correct church that follows the Sabbath and Feasts.

    Here is one tomorrowsworld org

    Start to read some of their literature and find a congregation near you.

    There is still a bit of time – good job trying to wake others from economic point but it is spiritual.

  5. TheCerraleone

    He’s absolutely right I thinking that when they decided to confiscate guns we will be defenseless against invasion of foreigners and our own people, they govt is smooth I will say that, I’m not going for that police already out of control waving their fucking guns in people face people have a right to defend themselves, it is all that no good medication that make an already uneasy mind snap, I find it funny they want to disarm US but wm3 are celebrities for their killing since it was satanic.

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