Report Doctored By Republicans

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) explains how Republicans on president Obama’s Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission doctored the report to remove key phrases critical to explaining the underlying causes to the financial collapse on Wall Street.

53 thoughts on “Report Doctored By Republicans

  1. littleladyinbigworld

    Boy, you just nailed capitalism all right. Extreme capitalists have also (very gradually) stuck their flags on the topics that gravitates poorer voters towards them. These Fox news sheep have no idea that in order to get their issues through (anti-abortion, anti-gun control laws, anti-universal healthcare, ect) they sacrifice the freedom to control our own lives through taxes. Instead, the top 2 percent can control us while we fumble around with meaningless issues & entertainment.

  2. Jerry Hanlon

    @ratsnacage1 The WB does not
    contribute to dem campaigns
    unless that particular race has a
    republican vs a conservadem
    like Blanche Lincoln or Lieberman
    which is a republican vs republican.
    I also added that the WB is currently
    headed by a republican. I do agree
    that WB & Wall St do create $ out of
    nothing but if any party is served by
    the WB it would have to be as I describe
    above. Democrats resemble the RNC
    in many ways BUT the only democrats
    that are wholly owned by are conservatadems.

  3. MyTemporaryAccount88

    Uhm, Cenk blames a lot of people for this crash, as he should.

    The corporatists who did the bidding of Wall St. is neither conservative nor liberal, it’s corporatist, and nothing more. Clinton didn’t start with the repeal, the same as with Obama, the GOP shut down govt, Clinton/Obama gets yelled at for not being “pro-business” enough, and crap happens.

    What Cenk would say, “It’s about the money Lebowski!”. Campaign finance is the problem, Cenk would agree, and I hope you do as well?

  4. Brrdan

    if you wanna be rich. you can be. If your not a lazy fuck who complains that he can’t find a job because of a robbery they commited while trying to get money for crack. -Capitalism
    I’m a bitch who thinks the guy next to me who does nothing should get the same amount of cash as the other guy who works his ass off-Socialism

    But god forbid anyone get their feelings hurt. If you guys were on the other end of the spectrum (the ‘evil’ wealthy) you would see this so differently.

  5. FlintLockwood3

    Gotta give the corrupted rich credit for having focus. Despite their subtlety, many dont pay enough attention to how fucked they have it compared to them. If it was those minority of evil recieving the short end of the stick theyd pay everything they had to try and decieve the public to make even more money. Think outside the box for a sec. Are there wealthy scumbags out there trying like hell to trample ontop of you for profit? If you doubt that you deserve to be trampled on. Profit ppl profit.

  6. Andy180084

    no i wouldn’t. I’m middle class and i think the rich are grossly overpayed……. eventually the middle class will be gone and the rich will still beg for more cash, and the republicans will give it to them.

  7. magichandpuppet

    – they couldn’t have done it without “our” politicians as accomplices. It’s a symbiotic relationship between banks and both factions (rep & dem) of The Party. The team up as parasites against us. Only suckers (like the turk sometimes seems to do) attempt to separate the rich from their puppets politicians in both parties when trying to understand the crime that is in progress.

  8. seattle8686

    Exactly. I love that we repealed DADT. I love it if we could pass the Dream Act or get some environmental legislation, but the fact is, there is ONE…JUST ONE issue that is the one card that holds up the rest of the deck. Corporations “personhood” clause in the 14th amendment. If we take care of that, and only allow registered voters to donate to politicians and all funds are made public on websites, then it shifts the power back to the people.

  9. calimar28

    Dream act died in the Senate a few hours ago! YESSSSSSSS! We the people have spoken. Oh, and how about only taxpayers vote? I would like that law. Oh, and the 14th amendment is toast. Teaparty will run on that in 2012 and win on that. Americans dont want illegals coming here and having babies and then the baby gets citizenship. Thats like the dream act for infants. HELL NO!

  10. seattle8686

    Well, you are on my side, just for the wrong reasons. You see the corporations as great and perfect, and you have been manipulated to think that undocumented workers are evil.

    Who is cutting social security, medicare, education, health care for veterans, and healthcare for 9/11 responders? REPUBLICANS!….it has nothing to do with undocumented workers son.

    Now the Dream Act was for those people who had NO CHOICE to come to America and want to join the military or go to college

  11. seattle8686

    You were an accident born in America….people who were forced here by their parents who just want to join the military and fight FOR America are being blocked by people like you…people like you who are too much of a pussy to join the military or too dumb to get accepted into a university……don’t get pissed that you’re a pussy or a dumbass..and that undocumented Mexicans are smarter and braver than you and more patriotic than you… day, you might be as American

  12. seattle8686

    p.s. tea party is too right wing……if they were going to run…then they would have won big in the 2010 election…..did you? Nope….you ened up losing more seats for the GOP because they are too far right wing….thats what happens when your spokesperson is Bachmann and Palin….whose IQ’s don’t even add up to triple digits. LOL

  13. AraBedelian

    Aren’t you fuckers “The Young Turks” the same people responsible for the Armenian genocide? How do you have the fucking balls to talk about anything in this world that involves a controversy. Seriously. Until you guys admit that the Turkish people killed all those men, women, and children I will never take you seriously.

  14. TerrierToughGuy

    Never even been to a T Party and I look forward to smacking you and your type down in the coming elections. Smacking you down hard. I guess they would seem to right for someone as obviously indoctrinated as you.

  15. seattle8686

    You are the weirdest person on this forum. Its like ou are on a sports team or something. Who is “we”? You and your tea party/right wing cohorts are not going to win anything in the long run.

    Slavery…it ended.
    Womens rights were gained
    Child labor laws gained
    Every industrial country EXCEPT the US has a public option or universal healthcare
    Every industrial country has gay rights except America butwe’ll get there

    See, our species progresses. You will lose in the end

  16. TerrierToughGuy

    The richest 1% own more than the other 95%. Can anyone tell me anytime in history where this was not the case? Whether royalty or bankers and industrialists or India or Islamic lands it is and has always been so.

  17. TerrierToughGuy

    Asswipe, can you name a time in history where this was not the case? Destroy capitalism and billions die from starvation and slavery comes back. You also failed to say that Capitalism has raised the standard of the greatest number of people of any system in history. It absolutely has a down side but so does everything. Socialism in its various forms has failed always and is responsible for the deaths of 100+ million last century. Europe IS failing and only survived because of US.

  18. TerrierToughGuy

    Dude you are just a brain dead asshole. It isn’t worth wasting my breath on a POS like yourself. You understand nothing of the big picture. Likely Islam will take hold in the next 100 years and gays will be fucked, womens rights will be fucked, child labor? HA HA. Oil runs out in 50 years and nothing matters because we have 4 Billion more people than the world can support without oil. You need to be bitch slapped like the little pussy weak bitch you are. I feel better now shithead

  19. seattle8686

    “It isn’t worth wasting my breath” And yet you just did. There is no evidence of Islam taking over America, only Beck and Limbaugh are saying shit like that and where is their statistics?

    And oil will run out sooner than later and you can blame politicians being bought out for that. We need campaign finance reform that will deny corporations from donating billions to get what they want and give the power back to the people.

  20. seattle8686

    Our specie has always naturally progressed and so do our ideas. The best ones always win out. The Tea Party, like being conservative is not made to last forever. Like slavery and segregation, their ideas will lose out… you can call me a bitch all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that your side will lose in the end… I feel better retardo.

  21. seattle8686

    You are quite general in your language. Just like many with your mindset who cannot debate with specifics. You only debate about gays destroying America, Hispanics taking our jobs, Islam is rampant in America…but no evidence to support any of it……calm down…turn off the Beck conspiracy hour…..and drink some coffee and sober up…….I’m not indoctrinated…I can actually speak for myself because I know how to read books without pictures.

  22. seattle8686

    p.s. who is giving me a “free ride”? Give me specifics……tell me exactly who I am, where I live, what university I go to, what degree I am seeking, and where I work…..if you can’t, then it proves you know jack shit about me….and you resort to cliche little arguments that right wingers overuse…….more than likely, you have received government assistance at some point in your life but you brush it off and say “it was my money comig back to me”…LOL

  23. longlivetheking58

    “The richest 1% own more than the other 95%”

    lol, someone believes everything Michael Moore says. and what university do you claim to attend? Apparently not one that teaches research methods. Back up your comment, oh mindless one. With someone besides Moore.

  24. chip19801

    How come when Bush proposed to change subprime lending in 2003, 2005, 2007 he was met with nothing but opposition from the dems. Using actual fact show where the truth lies. Bunch of liberal idiots trying to destroy this country.

  25. halcyon0830


    politifact. com/truth-o-meter/statements/2009/oct/01/michael-moore/moore-says-top-1-percent-owns-more-financial-wealt
    marketwatch. com/story/richest-americans-see-income-share-grow


  26. chip19801

    Your right me and the joint center for housing studies are wrong. So what study to you get you lies from. Why don’t you post some facts from actual research instead of making thing up you LIAR

  27. halcyon0830

    No they don’t, and if they ever did, that 30% is EXTREMELY LOW compared to what they Earn as a whole.

    The Bottom 95% lose more of their earnings on taxes than the top 5%.

  28. gewiz1000

    Capitalism breeds innovation and competition. Capitalism allows the best and brightest to rise to the top. Capitalism is efficient, and the best products come from capitalist countries. Capitalism provides incentives for those who are willing to succeed at all costs. Capitalism forces people to be self reliant and live by their own self interests. Capitalism isn’t perfect yes, but history has shown that capitalist economies are the most successful, so you might as well try to capitalize on it.

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