World On The Brink

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47 thoughts on “World On The Brink

  1. tings9

    The big thing could come from middle east very very soon .. since Wednesday all middle east countries in high alert militarily all units and fully equipped and out of their bases and some military personal saying they are all been called back cut holidays and they are fully on the go. also turkey military moved heavy military equipment to the border with Syria and US warships arrived in the area and they are in high alert too. don’t forget the Iran oil sanctions will start on Sunday.

  2. SpaceMan131326

    fortbrag also had a priest killed by a train(I think it was murder), plus you have lots of gay agenda stuff going on there, some thing is not right what is happening there

  3. Angela Goodin

    Thank you, I feel alone. I was just saying to my Fiance today that I feel like we are on the verge of something big, that there is a tension in me. I have to take a break from the news also, and play with my children, clean my house, but always my mind is on how to prepare. I pray that God will put me in the right place at the right time. Thank you for taking the time to inform others of the overall view – we can still be positive and present in each moment – take nothing for granted.

  4. smilingforever777

    I am new to your Utube…but I believe your sober approach and insights are right on without being overdone- The complacency of this country is surely in for a rude awakening-It IS building up out there for sure- apreciate you caring enough and I for one shall continue to expose this matrix world, its truths and evils-

  5. blackroses84

    Once you open your eyes and take a good look around it’s impossible to close them again. It’s depressing being “awake” but I’m happy that I am. I don’t want to be in the dark and not have any clue what’s going on. I’ve wondered if I’m the crazy one. How can so many people not see this shit? It’s in plain view! You might not know how deep a hole is but surely more people would at least think “Wow, this is weird. What’s going on with the world? Doesn’t it seem like the whole world is losing it?”

  6. blackroses84

    Or “Oh, you need to watch something funny on tv.” Cause that’s what I get. I truly wish people could turn both sides of the coin over and study things instead of instantly dismissing stuff because it sounds “nutty”. Hello, the whole world is in nutty territory. You will never see this stuff coming as long as you think along the straight and narrow. That’s it in a nutshell imo.

  7. blackroses84

    It’s a shame it’s such an ugly term for most people. If you’d came up to me as a teenager and talked about NWO and stuff like that–I wouldn’t have any clue what you were talking about. Just because crazy conspiracies exist (Elvis, Michael Jackson, Falco, Tupac are all still alive) doesn’t mean all the theories are crazy. Our world is very very unstable. Like I said on another post: The people that think on a straight and narrow path will never see this or believe it.

  8. blackroses84

    “Everything is fine”–This goes back to what I’ve said on other sites. So many people (myself included) keep on saying WAKE UP! I honestly think stuff like this involves groups. You do have some that are fully asleep. Maybe there’s a chance to wake them up. I’m not sure. You have some that are caught in limbo of being half awake/asleep. I was in that category. And then you have some that are absolutely blind to this stuff. They will never see it.

  9. blackroses84

    The crap could hit the fan tomorrow and they’ll still think that their bubble is fine. What’s everybody freaking out about? As long as their bubble is fine–they think their country is fine and the world is fine. I keep pleading for people to think of their kids and grandkids. I thought that was a logical brick to pull at. The kids that are around today don’t have any power. They can’t get back the rights that are being taken away. It’s up to the adults to do that. The kids aren’t stupid imo.

  10. blackroses84

    They’re watching closer than most people think. They’ll grow up being doormats and their kids will grow up to be doormats as well. Don’t fight. Just submit.

  11. blackroses84

    And a tool used to distract people involve celebrities. Once you realize that–man, it’s like you can skip forward a few squares at least. Concentrate on this a bit as well. The media obsesses over celebs. The masses love it too. Give me the dirt. So…here’s my prediction to go along with your predictions. Something big will happen in Hollywood as well. It’s an easy way to distract people. Don’t think of the stuff that impacts your life. Don’t worry about it.

  12. blackroses84

    Watch this celebrity in a downward spiral (think Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen when they were going through their rough spells), watch this celebrity with their addiction problem or troubles with the law (think Lindsay Lohan), or the queen motherload of distractions: a shocking celebrity death (think Michael Jackson). The media can obsess over this stuff for months on end. The media is like a flashlight. Some will shine brightly on everything and keep the viewers informed. No lies or bs. 

  13. blackroses84

    And then you have some in the media that go dark or dim when it concerns stuff that people should know about. Those are the same ones that will shine brightly when it concerns cotton candy stories that don’t really impact your life (celebrity adventures)

  14. cassanoa

    i heard that the us debt climbs by 49000 dollars a second thats 4,233,600,000 us dollars every 24 hours – thats 4 billion 233 million 600 thousand dollars every day – do the math

  15. QarenAnn

    I was one of those on the straight and narrow…but I’m also highly analytical. I started waking up about 3 years ago, too many coincidences that became more apparent that they were contrived. Like a detective that finds the most obscure and improbable clue, but uses that one clue, which leads to more clues, and the next thing you know it has snowballed, and you have a “rock solid case”.

  16. Richdanae1

    Its all good bro, your spot on!! here is your relief–Revelation 3:10 –for those who love me, I will save you from the hour of trouble that is to come upon the whole earth…
    your right its close!!!

  17. artbookends3


  18. DAngeloBarksdale

    the fact that hes quoting fox news on any subject does kind of make me laugh yes and if the world is on the brink its not due to some healthcare law.

  19. MaKaElectric

    Um… Is Fox News the only link under the video? I look at ALL SOURCES both mainstream and alternative media. If you don’t like one source simply DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and find the same information from a different source! Is it that hard to use your search box?

  20. MaKaElectric

    One more thing, when did you hear me say it was simply over the healthcare law? Can you not hear anything else in the video? Are you stupid?

  21. DAngeloBarksdale

    i dont know maybe i am but your the one quoting fox news and alex jones duh no wonder your paranoid and you did mention obamacare 3 times in the video but you seem ok sorry if i insulted personal opinion george bush took your country from a financial surplus to a massive financial debt and now your paying the price and meanwhile the rest of the world has to suffer because of it.america is such an insular society it doesnt even know the rest of the world exists and doesnt care.

  22. DAngeloBarksdale

    sorry posted last message by mistake all i mean is it doesnt really come across that america cares about anything except its self interests and by america i mean the people in power the politicians not the ordinary people i cant comment on them.i watch videos on you tube with varying degrees of interest and some times i post a comment no big deal is it

  23. DAngeloBarksdale

    for what its worth after watching your vid again you make some good points concerning secrecy and illegality . i guess i just got hung up on the healthcare thing so my apologies man

  24. amcpower

    National Debt + Federal Reserve Bank + USA + Israel military vs China + Iran military + oil reserves + Greece + Georgia Guidestones + possible assassination of president Obama followed by possible muslim vs christian war emanating from Dearborn, Michigan + Georgia Guidestones + for those who believe, Maya calendar = yep MakaElectric you are right, we are on the brinks!

  25. Margaret Pfeiffer

    It’s about tinme people started opening their eye’s to what is happening, thank you Sir for getting this out there, and by the way, for people saying Fox is the only one listed out there, it’s because they are the only one’s getting thing’s RIGHT!!!!!

  26. Warbadmaster

    So…what happened on October? I really wanna know. It’s November and I am already worrying about all the asteroids that came and ARE coming.

  27. Warbadmaster

    Well, I heard that they said EARLY October. And excuse my forgetfulness, Hurricane Sandy almost slipped out of my mind. I just keep thinking about events from August and previous months that ocurred this year.

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